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Who do I contact with questions about the property?

Although ACP is here to make your stay in Peru as comfortable as possible, ACP does NOT manage or maintain the properties we represent.

All maintenance and repairs are handled by the apartment ower or their representatives in Peru.


When ACP receives a request for assistance, we immediately inform the apartment owner or their representative of the item in question and ask them to make arrangements to address the areas of concern.


Unlike a hotel, you are booked into an apartment - YOUR - apartment, and ACP or the OWNER will not normally enter an apartment without your being present or without your consent.


In order to facilitate solving whatever problem you may have there are a few answers which can help us:

1 - What is the best time to contact you?

2 - When will you be available for a person to enter the apartment? Or do they have permission to enter without your being present?

3 - Is there a local cell phone number you can be reached at?

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