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What are the steps to confirm a reservation?



1 - The reservation starts by getting in contact with ACP, by our website, e-mail or telephone and providing all relevant information of the guests including full name as shown on official ID, ID information (Passport Number and Country or Peruvian DNI), age and address of each guest, and dates of the rental. The person who makes the reservation must be of legal age in their country of residence and guarantee to be financially responsible for the payment of the contracted services. Please note that all properties require a minimum rental amount that is displayed on the propery listing. 

2 - Within one business days, you will receive an answer about the availability of the selected apartment for the requested dates.


3 - The reservation will be confirmed when the GUARANTEED BOOKING PAYMENT is paid in US Dollars. ACP uses PayPal for all on line deposit payments. For payments made through PayPal, ACP will add bank charges, which include currency conversion, money transfer, and credit card fees totaling 15% of the Guarantee Deposit amount. Deposits can also be requested into a local Peruvian bank or by Western Union but there will be a $20 handling charge. Banking charges are non-refundable. 

ACP has a booking charge based on the date and time of arrival for each booking, regardless of contract length or rental value, for administrative services. This fee is non-refundable. 


   1 - Normal Arrival: $60.00
   2 - Holiday Arrival / Departure incurs an added $10.00

- If both the arrival date and the departure date are on holidays, the total booking fee will be $70.00.


Once this initial payment (guaranteed booking payment, booking fee, banking fee) is made, ACP will confirm the reservation. 

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