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What are the Contract conditions?



1- At the time and date of the guest's arrival an member of ACP and/or the owner will be waiting for them at the rented apartment. 

At this time the following steps will take place:

A. The Contract between the tenant and the property owner will be signed by the tenant, and a copy of this Contract will be provided to the guest. Moreover, ALL guest(s) will need to present their ID card(s) or passports and provide a copy of each ID/Passport.

B. The amount outstanding and security deposit will be paid to either the property owner or a member of ACP. This payment is made ONLY IN CASH, in US Dollars. 


C. The Cancellation Policy with ACP is strick, 50% refund of the Guarantee Deposit paid up until 1 week prior to arrival. The Booking Fee is non refundable. If a guest cancels cancels less than 7 days of arrival the nights not spent are not refunded. If a guest arrives and decides to leave early the nights not spent are not refunded.


2- During check-in, the guest will receive information regarding the property, the zone, emergency telephone numbers and other relevant information that may help to make their stay more comfortable.

3- If any information provided by the guest(s), in the reservation form or the signed Contract is found to be false; or if there are guests staying in the apartment that are not registered, the Owner will proceed with eviction, the tenant thereby losing all rights to restitution of payment(s) made.


4- When checking-out, the guests must leave the apartment in the same condition in which the apartment was found. This includes the verification of the inventory taken on arrival.


5- The Owner and ACP will not take responsibility for the loss of any items of the guest(s) during their stay in the apartment.


6- Once the Contract is finished and the guest has left the apartment, the Owner and ACP will not take responsibility for lost or forgotten objects in the property.


7- ACP offers smoking and non-smoking apartments; therefore, it is completely forbidden to smoke in the non-smoking apartments.


8- It is forbidden to have in the apartment (not even temporarily) wet, infectious, foul-smelling, explosive and/or dangerous materials or drugs. Any risks, trouble or situations that may be made against the security of the property or its conservation; or against the calmness of the neighbors will be under penalty of Contract cancellation with no monies refunded.

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